Our team of experts have years of experience implementing continuous improvement activities in many industry and service sectors. We bring a broad range of skills and experience, ranging from senior human resources, corporate level senior leadership team through to executive level training, development and process improvement.

Working with K&P has changed my whole perspective on retail, the continuous focus on adding customer value and the relentless drive for improving the business has generated amazing results not only financially but in the versatility of our staff.

Removing key person dependency has given us the time to focus on the business and has brought the leadership team together to develop a business strategy. We now see problems as opportunities and are spending a lot more time planning change vs implementing it, this has made the changes sustainable.

We are now focussed on the on-going success of the business and ensuring we are agile enough to adapt to any changes we face in the market place; without doing the work we have, our future would have looked very differentCraig Latimer | Operations Manager – Centre City New World

Phil’s easy manner and ability to relate to all staff throughout the company enabled him to win over the staff and his ability to quickly understand our business and come up with recommendations was outstanding.Peter Bartley | Business Improvement Manager – City Care Ltd
Karen has an approachable and engaging personality and is able to adapt her style as the situation requires crossing both cultural and organisational boundaries. She walks the talk and is comfortable at all levels of engagement whether it is board level or on a factory floor.Mike Greenslade | Trade Commissioner – Pacific Trade & Invest Auckland (previous NZ Trade Commissioner Pacific – NZTE)
Adrian has been instrumental in helping us develop our people in the lean processes. He has a very strong and deep understanding of lean and is able to put it across in an easy to understand way. He is able to adjust his delivery to suit all levels within an organisation, whether delivering material to the front line staff or mentoring an executive. Adrian is relaxed and can deliver in a non confrontational manner which gains buy in by all.Kevin Holmes | Production Systems Manager – Gallagher
Without Phil’s support and strong character in both handling the implementation of Lean and overcoming the numerous technical and human road blocks, Tait would not have managed to meet the incredible growth in the world wide demand for its Systems.Mike McKeown | Deployment Manager (retired) – Tait Communications
Of particular note was Karen’s intuitive understanding of organisational dynamics, which was enormously helpful in reaching the root of issues. She relates well to the technical staff, and was unafraid to challenge their perceptions. She always led people logically through issues, while being able to question their own position.    I was delighted with Karen’s close support and sound advice, and trusted her judgment. She has a   good grasp of the strategic issues, and is totally effective operationally.Neil Keller | Manager Project Management – Tait Communications (previous General Manager Engineering – WhispergenTM)
Phil is that rare breed – a “hands on practitioner”. I have always really appreciated his directness, tenacity and calm manner – he is a classic operations guy, nothing is a problem and the results always speak for themselves.Martin Ball | Director – NK Windows (previous Global Services Manager at Tait Communications)
Phil is an excellent people person, putting any employees he worked with at ease. I would personally recommend Phil to any company who are serious about continuous improvement.Stefan Stewart | Technical Manager and Lean Champion – Kono
Christina listened well to my requirements, made relevant suggestions to ensure I gained maximum benefit from my investment in the program. She demonstrated an understanding of my business and tailored a solution to suit. Christina delivered the project in full, on time and budget. She was responsive and adapted quickly to my needs. Tina Zeleznik | CEO – Disability Works Australia